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Ensure that cars do not Pull to one side through misalignment

We can check for uneven tyre wear to prevent car damage

Our system can spot any deficiencies that can occur from potholes, kerbs & general wear & tear

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Wheel Alignment

Driving regularly can cause you to adjust to various changes in the way your car drives. Uneven wheels can easily fall under your radar, but prolonged use without rectifying the issue can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Wheel misalignment happens when your vehicle hits a kerb, pothole, or speed bump an excessive speed. The force of the impact will jolt your wheel out of position, leading to a variety of issues. 

Wheel misalignment is most noticeable at the driving wheel. As you’re driving, you’ll notice your steering wheel will be wanting to turn towards one side. The car will also be vibrating at high speeds, making it difficult to concentrate fully on the road. It’s pivotal to your safety that you amend the issue immediately. We only use state-of-the-art machinery to ensure complete precision and accurate results. As such, we rely on the innovative Hunter wheel alignment system as it is a market leader in imaging wheel alignment technology.

  • We can check for uneven tyre wear
  • Our system ensures that cars do not pull to one side through misalignment
  • We can detect faults that can occur from potholes, kerbs and general wear and tear
  • Hunter continually updates data from all main vehicles, so we can set every vehicle to exact manufacturer specifications

The professional team here at Wembley Tyres have extensive experience with wheel alignment, diagnosing any issues when you’re getting your wheels repaired or replaced. 

We are committed to ensuring your vehicle is fitted with tyres that improve its efficiency and safety, giving you peace of mind when you’re back on the road. For more information on our products and services, please get in touch with a member of our specialist team today. We serve Hampstead, St John’s Wood, Kensington and the surrounding areas.

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